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The 2017 Duke Energy Invention Convention is open to all students in grades 4-8 to compete with inventions. The objective of the Duke Energy Invention Convention is to challenge the imagination, innovation, and creativity of students in grades 4-8 in the development of solutions to everyday issues. Additionally, an objective of this event is to raise public awareness of each company’s commitment to schools and education in the community.

How does this benefit the students?

The purpose of the Duke Energy Invention Convention is not only to be a learning experience but to be FUN for students, parents, and teachers! Each child entering an invention receives an event t-shirt, a goody bag (snacks, pencils, erasers, etc.), and the opportunity to win great prizes.


The deadline for registration is February 24, 2017. Students may register online individually or you can reach out to Lauren Mahon at LaurenMahon@iheartmedia.com to mass register a class or group of students.

Students are not required to attend the judging on March 6th, but it is highly recommended.  ALL students in grades 4-8 are eligible to enter. The Research and Development form should accompany the invention when it is delivered to the event.

Teacher Role:

The Duke Energy Invention Convention is an invention fair for students. Students will be working on their projects independently at home unless otherwise instructed by the teacher. Therefore, the teacher’s role will be that of facilitator. The teacher is responsible for motivating, encouraging, and advising students; for distributing the appropriate forms; and for directing the preliminary discussion about inventors and inventions.

Getting Started:

Set aside appropriate time to introduce the concepts and procedures involved in the Duke Energy Invention Convention. Approach the subject with contagious enthusiasm. Let students know that this will be a special science event for the school year.

Begin by discussing inventions with which the students are familiar, such as cars, appliances, tools and games or toys. Point out that new inventions come from people looking for a new and better way of doing something. Help them to realize that they can change products as well as processes. Ask students to name changes they would like to make.

Teacher Checklist:

  • Student registration must be completed no later than February 24, 2017. REGISTER HERE
  • A copy of the “Parent Letter” should be given to each student to take home to their parents.
  • The “Research and Development” form MUST accompany the student’s invention.  



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